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Meet the Creatures Team

Samuel Robinson
co-founder - Director - Managing member

Samuel Robinson is a videographer and technology specialist with a passion for wildlife photography and film. He has extensive experience in establishing overseas development and design teams, overseas management, film, editing, computer animation, motion graphics and broadcast television. One of his notable works was as associate producer for Left Behind Games' interactive game titled Eternal Forces and his work as a creative director at Loma Linda Broadcasting Network. Most recently he worked as a technology specialist building a a SAS solution for the tourism industry in Temecula, CA and has begun work for a proprietary cloud-based Operations Management Tool solution for the healthcare industry in Southern California. Sam's upbringing is deeply rooted in the Christian faith. His Father's involvement in the Hispanic Men's Ministry and as a Pastor gave Samuel a well-founded faith in God which continues to fuel his passion in fulfilling the great commission to share the good news of Christ's gift with others.

Andre Dos Santos
co-founder - producer - managing member

Andre is an independent film and television producer who currently lives in California. Andre has often said that since the beginning of his life he has lived in an actionpacked dramatic comedy. The various challenges and occurrences throughout his life have molded an intrepid and insightful individual who is fit for the filmmaking world. Andre has an education from the LA Film school with a major in film and television producing, and a minor in cinematography. With over a decade of experience in the film industry, Andre’s talent, background, and love for media production combined with his love for God make him an ideal member of the Creatures team. Besides his film expertise, Andre has extensive training in business and corporate management. Andre is a current Board Member of the production company MOKI Films. MOKI Films is currently developing over sixteen mainstream feature films and television shows to the domestic and international market. Andre is also the Online Content Executive for a religious organization providing Christian materials to thousands of English speaking individuals all over the US.

Jay Miller
Director of Investor relations - Managing member

Jay is a seasoned business professional with skills in marketing, sales, management and training as well as an MBA. With decades of experience at innovative Fortune 500 and Inc 500 companies as well as leading education institutions, Jay brings a passion for making the complex natural and technological worlds understandable for children and adults alike. He is convinced that the Christian community has too long ignored the needs of children in favor of adults with evangelistic efforts and see this new company as a way to lead the Christian world into a new era of ministry to those who are most open and receptive to the gospel.

To Be Annouced
Creative Content Writing Director - CMO

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Our Mission:

and Education
Through God‘s Creation

What is Creatures, LLC?

Creatures, LLC is a faith-based media production company focusing on creating educational, entertaining, and inspiring audiovisual content for kids.

Our primary focus as a company is to create, to the highest standard, The Creatures Nature Show. This show can easily be described as a Christian version of BBC’s “Planet Earth” for kids.

Additionally, we have plans to develop a book series, an animated series, a home-school curriculum booster program, a vast library of original music intertwined with nature sounds and footage created for relaxation and inspiration, a mobile game, and a 160 acre creation-based nature center.

We feel that one of the best ways to see and experience God is through his creation. Unfortunately, most shows that focus on nature are not focusing on God. Mainstream nature shows present the theory of evolution as fact, leaving God out entirely. We are here to change that narrative. Our content will have a Creationist perspective and a biblical foundation. There is, undoubtedly, a deficiency of Christian Nature content that is equal in quality to mainstream media. We see a distinct window of opportunity in this space to produce high-quality faith-based content that effectively engages children while teaching about the world and its Creator.

We are living in a very challenging time. Media content is becoming a big influential aspect of our children’s developmental growth. We feel called as professionals in the industry to use media to uplift, entertain, educate and inspire children. By offering this content through a Christian lens, we can help all families embrace our digital media. Our content will be leading the way in bringing high quality faith-based nature media to children across the world, while strengthening their spiritual growth in this media dominated age.

Each of our companies managing members brings a broad range of skills to compliment this project. Andre Dos Santos brings in over a decade of media production experience. Sam Robinson brings to the team over two decades of technical expertise in film, cinematography, digital and interactive media as well as management. Jay Miller is our business strategist, fundraising partner and has a background in engineering, management and writing of over two decades. With these team members and a crew of veterans from PLANET EARTH, DISNEYNATURE and the JACQUE COUSTEAU SOCIETY, the content created by Creatures, LLC will be nothing short of amazing. We are confident that with our management team, our product will succeed in the faith-based marketplace. With daily prayer and worship, our managing members will keep an open line to the Creator, seeking His advice and direction for the company.

Foundation is extremely important in a child's life, Creatures, LLC is here to provide kids with a resource to strengthen their knowledge of their Creator.


Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6